Post Renovation Cleaning Tips and Checklist 



Post renovation cleaning is the process of cleaning up right after a renovation or construction at your premises in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor. The main focus of a post renovation clean up is to remove all the dust, dirt, debris and trash that was created during renovation.

This is necessary to bring your new house or office into order before moving in. An added advantage is that this thorough cleaning would revive the beauty and brightness of your newly renovated place and make it welcoming to live in.

During a clean up after a renovation, all the walls, ceilings, floors, trims, door frames and fixtures needs to be cleaned as there could be layers of dust on these surfaces.

Here are some tips and checklist for specific areas that require more attention and care as below:

  • Dust needs to be cleaned in a special way to avoid it from being spread all over the house. The first spot to start is the air filters and vents as dust can collect on these and would be blown back into the house as air passes through it.
  • It is best to start cleaning a room from the top ceiling and work towards the bottom floor to avoid having dust to settle on the newly cleaned floor while dusting the ceiling. post-renovation-cleaning-klang-valley
  • To remove dust from high walls, you can use a slightly damp cloth that is wrapped around a broom for hard to reach areas.
  • While cleaning doors and windows, lookout for the hinges as well because these can be clogged with dust or dirt and prevent the doors and windows to work properly.
  • Window glass, frame, tracks and other parts should be cleaned and wiped with care. Don’t forget the shutters, blinds and curtains too.
  • Marble surfaces should be cleaned or polished with care to avoid being scratched and destroyed by the layer of dust.
  • Wooden flooring require special cleaning methods and care to avoid scratching or destroying the wood.
  • If there are any carpets, they should be vacuumed thoroughly and cleaned well to avoid hidden dust and dirt.
  • Electrical fixtures and appliances should also get special cleaning attention. All the light bulbs, switches and power outlets should be wiped carefully. Always ensure that the main switch is off when you clean the electrical fixtures to avoid getting electrocuted.
  • Shelves and cabinets also require dusting and cleaning including the wall surfaces around them. Water basins and taps in kitchen and bathrooms should also be cleaned and shined.
  • The best time to do post renovation cleaning is immediately after renovation and before you move large bulky furniture in. If there is any large furniture, it will need to be shifted during the cleaning process and that would take extra effort.
  • The tools required for cleaning include vacuum cleaner, brooms, mops, towels and cleaning fluid for specific flooring. The process can be long and tedious so you should be patient while cleaning.

Cleaning up after a renovation can be a very daunting task, especially if the renovation was done over a large area. This process may require a lot of time and specific tools to clean and polish large areas of floor and ceiling.  

If you do not have the necessary tools, expertise and time to do the cleaning on your own, fortunately there are cleaning companies that provide this service.

If you are hiring post renovation cleaning service, check out if the company provides insurance policy to cover losses in the event of damage to property during the process.

Also, remember to book the cleaning service well in advanced ensure availability during the specific date before you move in.

You can be rest assured that you are in safe hands if you engage our services, so contact us now to find out more and get a free quotation for post renovation cleaning for your home or commercial building.