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Commercial Cleaning Services in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

The first impression always matters especially for business, that’s why you need us for commercial cleaning services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor! Every detail at your premise plays an important role. 

The most important one is cleanliness, which is what every prospect and customer first notices. The moment a prospect or customer takes the first step into your premise, the feel of the atmosphere determined whether they stay or leave. 

We know every aspect of the business from operation to inventory takes a lot of your attention and cleanliness might be the last thing on your mind. Besides, you need a team of effective cleaners to keep your premise in tip-top condition. Instead of wasting precious resources on in-house manpower, why not outsource to someone that guarantees the utmost result with similar or less resource spend?

We are here to lend a helping hand. Let us, the experts in commercial cleaning service, handle your first impression to your customer and prospect. We are confident in our cleaning services and no job is too small as we have many years of experience in the cleaning industry. We know our stuff.

Here is why you should choose us:

  1. We clean a wide range of commercial spaces: condominiums, hotels, Airbnb, shopping malls, factories, café, restaurants, offices, retail spaces, and commercial buildings.
  2. We also provide cleaning services for pre-event and post-event whether it is indoors or outdoors.
  3. We have teams of professionally trained cleaners that are knowledgeable in what type of cleaning method to use for the most effective cleaning.
  4. We provide all the cleaning tools and equipment. No stress and no hassle for you!
  5. Our service is widely available in KL and Selangor area.
  6. We provide cleaning service daily, weekly and monthly.
  7. We provide one-time cleaning service for your ad-hoc request.  
  8. We have a support team always ready to meet your enquire and address your concern.

Can’t wait to say goodbye to your cleaning problem and have a fresh and clean impression on your business? We are more than ready to jump in with you and get started.

Before that happens, here is what we need to know to meet every one of your expectations:

  1. What type of commercial space do you require us to clean
  2. How big is the commercial space
  3. What type of cleaning do you require
  4. How often do the cleaning service you need

If you are engaging us for cleaning service for an event, here is what we need to know to meet every one of your expectations:

  1. What type of event is it
  2. Is it an indoor or outdoor event
  3. When the event is held
  4. Where the event is held
  5. What type of cleaning service do you need

With all this information prepared beforehand, our support team will gladly propose the best solution to meet your expectations and also your further inquiries. Search no more and get in touch with our team through a phone call or write to us for a free consultation right now!

Why choose Clinfess Enterprise for your next cleaning session?

Transparent Pricing

We offer accurate and transparent prices for your cleaning service. Rates to suit every budget. No surprises and no additional hidden costs.

Preferred Schedule

Select the best time and day for your cleaning session at your convenience, even over the weekends or on a Public Holiday.

 Trained Cleaners

Our team of cleaners has undergone a background check and is well-trained to handle all cleaning-related tasks.


We decided to hire Clinfess Enterprise for their commercial cleaning services.  The cleaning ladies were professional. They know their work very well.  They bring with them the equipment and tools required,  we do not need to worry about anything at all.

Clinfess Enterprise has a friendly and polite staff for the commercial cleaning services.  We signed 1 year contract with them so that we can leave to work to the professional. We are happy with the work they did.

We had good experience with Clinfess Enterprise cleaning staff who were prompt and reliable when perform the cleaning. We are very comfortable with their work.  They don’t need a lot of instruction.   Definitely recommended them to others


Frequently Asked Questions

How is my commercial cleaning service price determined?

Our commercial cleaning service pricing is based on the following factors:

  1. Size of the property that requires cleaning
  2. No. of man hours needed for the cleaning works
  3. No. of cleaners required
  4. Other related services needed eg moving, bulk disposal etc

We prefer to have a discuss with you on the commercial cleaning service that you need. Please call us to discuss more and get a FREE quote today!

What area do you service?

Our commercial cleaning service coverage area inclusive of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and its nearby areas. Please contact our customer service team for more information on commercial cleaning service in your area.

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