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Hourly Maid Service in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

We offer reliable and affordable hourly maid service for homes and offices at locations around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Do you feel it is annoying to spend an insane amount of time cleaning your home in order to keep it clean? You have a limited amount of time to spend but you still want your home clean? If you have these troubling you, we believe that we can provide you with a solution with our hourly maid service. 

With us here, you don’t need to break a sweat cleaning your house weekly. You’ll have extra hours because you can leave all the house chores to our maids. Isn’t that everyone’s dream to not actually sweep the floor manually just to make the house cleaner? 

By using our cleaners’ service, you enjoy the benefit of saving energy cleaning your house. We will do the hard work for you so that you will feel at ease while you are at your home in a fresh environment. 

Our pro maids are trained by us professionally and we know what to do exactly in order to make your house clean. So why not spend a few bucks and watch your home become neat. 

Our maids will be able to clean your home within the least possible time so that you can spend your time relaxing at home. That is why hourly maid services are always sought out by families who are very satisfied with the professional service provided by us.

We provide a very detailed list of areas of cleaning in our hourly maid service package:

  • Wet and dry kitchen cleaning including disinfecting the countertop and kitchen island surfaces
  • Bathroom cleaning which includes washing the sink, toilet, and bathroom tiles with multi-purpose cleaner
  • Bedroom cleaning such as changing bed sheets and cleaning the dressing table area and sweeping the floors
  • Indoor area cleaning and vacuuming the floor surface of the house area
  • Cleaning off the dust from different furniture in the living room accordingly
  • General cleaning for a whole indoor area of the home – sweeping the floors, vacuuming, and mopping

Do note that the minimum number of hours per session of our hourly maid service is 2 hours. You wouldn’t expect the maid to clean a double-storey house within an hour, right? We want to provide quality service to our clients so a suitable time frame should be given to us according to the size of your house. 

The number of hours required is also determined by your cleaning needs. If you require us to clean the fan and the ceiling of the house, then more time is required as the cleaning area is larger. We suggest that you contact our customer service to get information about your needs and we will provide you with the cleaning hours required and the rates charged per hour.

We let our client choose the option of using our own cleaning equipment or the cleaning equipment can also be provided by our client. The clients can choose whichever choice suits them the most.

We advise that our clients be home during the hourly maid service to direct our maid to the more specific area of cleaning that the client requires. This is to avoid misunderstanding as we will proceed with the regular cleaning process if there is no instruction given to our maids.

If you would like to try out our hourly maid service, please contact us for more information via phone call or email now.

Why choose Clinfess Enterprise for your next cleaning session?

Transparent Pricing

We offer accurate and transparent prices for your cleaning service. Rates to suit every budget. No surprises and no additional hidden costs.

Preferred Schedule

Select the best time and day for your cleaning session at your convenience, even over the weekends or on a Public Holiday.

 Trained Cleaners

Our team of cleaners has undergone a background check and is well-trained to handle all cleaning-related tasks.

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We decided to hire your hourly maid cleaning service to assist with our house cleaning one a week. We have been using your maid cleaning service for 3 months now and are happy with the quality of work provided. Thank you.

Puan Rabiatul

We were offered a reasonably priced hourly maid cleaning service for our small office space in Damansara. Thank you to your cleaners for doing a good job.


The hourly maid cleaning services from your company is reliable and efficient. We are very satisfied with the service provided. Thanks!

Mr Tan

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your hourly maid cleaning services price determined?

Our hourly maid cleaning service pricing is based on the following factors:

  1. Size of the property that requires cleaning
  2. No. of hours needed for the cleaning work
  3. No. of maids required
  4. Other related services needed (such as provision of cleaning equipment and supplies etc)

We prefer to have a discussion with you on the hourly maid cleaning service that you need. Please call us to discuss more and get a FREE quote today!

What area do you service?

Our hourly maid cleaning service coverage area inclusive of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and its nearby areas. Please contact our customer service team for more information on our hourly maid cleaning service in your area.

If the cleaner damage my property furnishings, how do I claim for compensation?

Contact us to discuss claims/compensation matter at hi@cleaningservice2u.com

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