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House Cleaning Gombak

We are a company that provides house cleaning services in Gombak. We provide a wide range of cleaning services from sweeping to washing. Small house or big house is still a house, we can do the job. 

Our cleaner services are available anywhere in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We go wherever your house is, we clean whenever you say so. We are flexible to your schedule. Your house will be so clean that its like brand new. Not convinced? 

Here are 5 top reasons why you should choose us:

  1. We know cleanliness matter to you, so does the price. We provide affordable price for exceptional cleaning service. 
  2. We know your home is precious. We have trained and experienced cleaners to do the job. 
  3. Don’t have cleaning tools? We got you! Our cleaning team will bring the necessary tools and equipment. 
  4. We understand you have a busy schedule. Our cleaning team are fast and efficient because of the years of experience. They know how to clean mess the faster way.
  5. Worries about customer support? We have friendly and professional customer support team to handle your request and enquiries. 

So leave the dirty work to us. We are a specialized cleaning expert that not only clean your house but also give you peace of mind!

What type of house that we clean? 

  1. Apartment 
  2. Condominium
  3. Semi-D
  4. Double or single storey houses
  5. Bungalow 
  6. Any house you called “home”, we can clean that too!

What type of cleaning we provide?

  1. Sweep / vacuum floors
  2. Mop floors
  3. Wipe surfaces
  4. Wash floor / toilets

What type of area in your home that we clean?

  1. Living room 
  2. Bedroom 
  3. Bathroom 
  4. Store room 
  5. Kitchen

Search no further and get in touch with our team now via phone call or email. Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Call us or write an email to us

Step 2: Tell us what house you want to clean 

Step 3: Tell us when and where you have preferred us to come

Step 4: Tell us your cleaning requirement: daily /  weekly / monthly and also what to be clean

Step 5: Wait for our cleaning team to arrive at your house to clean.  

We want you to have the best experience with us. Here are some housekeep rules to make the cleaning process smoothly. 

  1. Keep all your precious belonging and value items away in a safe place. We want to make sure our cleaning team does not damage them.
  2. If you have a preferred way of how things are clean, please instruction our cleaning team with patient. We want to clean the way you like it!
  3. Keep in mind of our cleaning appointment, so that our cleaning team can finish the job on time. We don’t want to disappoint you and our other clients too.
  4. If you have any preference of cleaning product, please inform us while making the call with us or writing to us. 

Please contact our team today via a call or email us for a FREE house cleaning in Gombak quotation now!

Why choose us for your next house cleaning service?

Transparent Pricing

We offer accurate and transparent prices for your space. Rates to suit every budget. No surprises and no additional hidden costs.

Preferred Schedule

Select the best time and day for us to perform the cleaning service at your convenience, even over the weekends or on a Public Holiday.

 Trained Cleaners

Our team of expert cleaners have undergone background check and are well-trained to handle all cleaning related tasks.


We decided to have a spring cleaning after staying in this home for 2 years.  The cleaning ladies were professional. Without much hesitation, they pick up all the cleaning tools and cleaning agents and started with the chores. We are impressed with their skills and utilizing the time efficiently.


Friendly and polite maids are sent to my home to help with house cleaning before the new year starts. I like how the cleaners always confirm if they are unclear, so to make sure that job is done properly based on my instruction  and not based on their habit. Very happy with the work done!


We had good experience with Clinfess Enterprise cleaning staff who were prompt and reliable when perform the cleaning. We are very comfortable with their work.  They don’t need a lot of instruction. Definitely recommended them to friends and family.

Darren Hew

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my home cleaning service price determined?

Our house cleaning Gombak service pricing is based on the following factors:

  1. Size of the property that requires cleaning
  2. No. of man hours needed for the cleaning works
  3. No. of cleaners required
  4. Other related services needed

We prefer to have a discuss with you on the house cleaning service that you need. Please call us to discuss more and get a FREE quote today!

What area do you service?

Our home cleaning service coverage area inclusive of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and its nearby areas. Please contact our customer service team for more information on our house cleaning service in your area.

If the cleaner damage my property furnishings, how do I claim for compensation?
Contact us to discuss claims/compensation matter at

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