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Part Time Cleaning Services in KL & Selangor

How about freeing up some time by engaging a provider of part time cleaning services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor? We totally understand the pains of having to work in the office all day long. Your bosses even have the audacity to demand overtime from you after labouring and occupying most of your working schedule for them. We totally understand that you want to unwind and relax at home watching your favourite Korean drama at 9 pm sharp before heading to sleep 10pm for the next day of your job in the city instead of cleaning up. We know it all.

Sadly, our advances in technology have not been able to create a house that is able to do home cleaning jobs itself and ensure it to be dust free and clean. Oh! How we wish it was so! Life would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?

Maybe you have 2 hours on spare every week. You must be thinking to yourself, “What am I going to do within those two hours?” How about watching that handsome “Oppa” in that new Korean series that Netflix just launched at home or whether you want to join your family to play games together as you usually are too busy to spend time with them? Whatever it might be, I am sure you could easily figure that out yourself.

We want you to have those 2 hours to yourself! Just for this post, we have put together a special service package for all our readers! Included in this special service package are two experienced part time cleaners that provide effective house cleaning, like vacuuming, mopping and other services required. What is great about this package is it only takes 2 hours for your house to be sparkly clean once again especially if you need to be hosting guests at your place in a jiffy! Best thing is this great solution available for all residents in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

How to select a quality part time cleaning service business among the many cleaning companies out there? 

Our company is top rated and reliable for your added benefit at a reasonable price. For instance, we offer a range of part time cleaning frequencies you might find helpful. We provide cleaning frequency of one time only, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and even spring cleaning which is chargeable by the hour. Also, the areas our part time cleaning services cover includes bedrooms, toilets, indoor and outdoor areas and other special requests, apart from laundry and ironing. 

Any more convincing? Below is a list of other benefits given by our services. 

List of benefits for engaging our part time cleaning services:

For starters, Money! A house doesn’t need to be cleaned 24/7. It only requires cleaning occasionally. Therefore, spending more than necessary hiring a full time live-in maid might not be a great idea. In addition, our part time cleaning service is available on weekends.

We just can’t stress this enough. It frees up your precious time to do other more important activities, like spending time with your loved ones, party at night, instead of cleaning! “Facepalm” Don’t waste time cleaning when you can hire our service to do it for you for probably half the time it may usually take.

Lastly, our cleaners are specially trained to be way quick and efficient in their cleaning services. They are also equipped with the right tools and cleaning supplies to get the job done well.

Are you looking for professional deep cleaning and housekeeping service for your house, office or commercial building? Worry no more! Our team of cleaning maids are here to help! It is time to contact our friendly employees via phone or email and book our part time maid and cleaner services in Klang Valley today!

Why choose us for your part time cleaning services?

Transparent Pricing

We offer accurate and transparent prices for your space. Rates to suit every budget. No surprises and no additional hidden costs.

Preferred Schedule

Select the best time and day for us to perform the cleaning service at your convenience, even over the weekends or on a Public Holiday.

 Trained Cleaners

Our team of expert cleaners have undergone background check and are well-trained to handle all cleaning related tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to relieve myself from the cleaning work due to my skin condition,  we hire part time cleaning services from Clinfess Enterprise after trying out another 2 cleaning suppliers for the past 1 month.   The maids are friendly and very efficient getting the work done. Good job!

Siok Ong

Clinfess Enterprise is a very responsive to our request for part time cleaning services and allow us to free up our time to take care of the young boys at home.  We are happy with the maid services and will call them again next week.


The maid really did a wonderful job to my apartment.  The communication is clear and the price is reasonable for  cleaning services  in my area.  I am happy with their work. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How is part time cleaning services price determined?

Our part time cleaning services pricing is based on the following factors:

  1. Size of the property that requires cleaning
  2. No. of man hours needed for the cleaning works
  3. No. of cleaners required
  4. Other related services needed ( such as cleaning equipment and  supplies etc)

We prefer to have a discuss with you on the part time cleaning service that you need. Please call us to discuss more and get a FREE quote today!

What area do you service?

Our contract cleaning service coverage area inclusive of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and its nearby areas. Please contact our customer service team for more information on post moving out cleaning service in your area.

If the cleaner damage my property furnishings, how do I claim for compensation?

Contact us to discuss claims/compensation matter at

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