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Window Cleaning in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

We have many years of window cleaning and washing service for homes and offices around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Our company finds the safest and most cost-effective cleaning solutions for your house and office while making sure of the best possible cleaning results. With our highly rated expert squad, we clean windows at greater heights including high-rise buildings and for various types of properties such as office buildings in your area. Our company also gives free new advice on how to get your residential house area including your gutter cleaned using natural-based remedies like vinegar diluted with some water.

We are serving the following window cleaning services:

  • Commercial window cleaning – Our company serves clients who need professional services in industrial and commercial window cleaning across Selangor and Kuala Lumpur such as high-rise office buildings or shopping malls. We understand that peak periods, important visitors, and other factors will pre-determine the most ideal moment for window cleaning but not to worry as we will estimate and match your schedule for our cleaning squad to be on site so we fully clean the window at a fast pace.
  • Residential window cleaning – Our professional cleaner is friendly and approachable so they have the power to focus on resident satisfaction throughout our cleaning jobs. We will quote this residential service lower than commercial ones since we don’t want our clients to feel pressured about the price. Other than cleaning, we started to share some free cleaning tips with our residential clients for their daily or weekly cleaning. 
  • Retail premises or showrooms window cleaning – All the retail shops or showrooms that are close to busy roads are often prone to increases in dust and fingerprints. By hiring our regular full cleaning, we can solve these issues on the job and offer schedules that match your best period. Buildings after construction in the city usually need a professional cleaning process before starting any business. With our thorough and proficient cleaning service, your showroom or retail shop’s window will remain clear while creating a welcoming atmosphere for all of your clients.
  • School window cleaning – Other than commercial, house, and industrial cleaning, we also have window cleaning services for schools, universities, and colleges. Apart from daily or weekly schedules, we also schedule for cleaning during the short term or school holidays to ensure no disruption to staff, teachers, and students. 
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning – Our professional cleaners are willing and ready to clean both the outside and inside of your windows. Our team offers extra cleaning options to wipe your screens and window frames. Our cleaning squad will take good care to wash your windows without any mess.

Windows are usually the thing people see in a building. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of window cleaning. So, why do you think it is important to clean your window regularly? 

Window cleaning allows more natural light. With glasses in windows, it usually becomes dull due to contaminants such as oxidation, acid rain, and paint that prevent natural light from entering the premises. This makes your space or office appear dark. Once you have cleaned your window, the sunlight will be able to shine into your premises and cause it to be more beautiful and more appealing. 

Dirt, dust, and grime usually tend to settle on the window over time if the window is not cleaned regularly. If quality cleaning supplies or equipment are not used, it will not only cause the window to look dull after cleaning but also creates allergens that can cause allergic reactions, skin problems, and health issues such as respiratory problems. Especially at your own house, you definitely wish that your loved one lives in a healthy environment. 

As for commercial buildings, window cleaning is very important as it affects the first impression of your daily visitors. The first impression does really count and it is essential for your shop or office to maintain an immaculate appearance at all times. Don’t worry as our professional cleaner provides cleaning tools and products to clean your window glass in your area upon request.

With all the above reasons, it is more than enough for you to make an appointment with us to schedule for your daily, weekly, or monthly window cleaning services in your area whether for commercial or residential purposes. Never feel pressured about trying our service as we provide a high level of work and customer satisfaction. This can be proved when we have a streak of local customers leaving good reviews for us after trying our services.

Contact our team today via a phone call and book a day or get free quotes for our cleaning services!

Why choose Clinfess Enterprise for your next cleaning session?

Transparent Pricing

We offer accurate and transparent prices for your cleaning service. Rates to suit every budget. No surprises and no additional hidden costs.

Preferred Schedule

Select the best time and day for your cleaning session at your convenience, even over the weekends or on a Public Holiday.

 Trained Cleaners

Our team of cleaners has undergone a background check and is well-trained to handle all cleaning-related tasks.

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We decided to hire Clinfess Enterprise for their commercial cleaning services. The cleaning ladies were professional. They know their work very well. They bring with them the equipment and tools required, we do not need to worry about anything at all.


Clinfess Enterprise has a friendly and polite staff for the commercial cleaning services.  We signed 1 year contract with them so that we can leave to work to the professional. We are happy with the work they did.

We had a good experience with Clinfess Enterprise cleaning staff who were prompt and reliable when performing the cleaning. We are very comfortable with their work. They don’t need a lot of instruction. Definitely recommended them to others.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is my window cleaning service price determined?

Our window cleaning pricing is based on the following factors:

  1. Size of the property that requires cleaning
  2. No. of man hours needed for the cleaning works
  3. No. of cleaners required
  4. Other related services needed eg moving, bulk disposal etc

We prefer to have a discuss with you on the window cleaning service that you need. Please call us to discuss more and get a FREE quote today!

What area do you service?

Our window cleaning service coverage area inclusive of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and its nearby areas. Please contact our customer service team for more information on our window cleaning service in your area.

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