Guide To Choosing The Best Office Cleaning Company in KL​

Are you looking for the best office cleaning company in Kuala Lumpur for your business? There are many benefits of hiring the right office cleaning company including creating a clean and conducive office environment for your staff which may contribute to increase in work productivity and less sick time taken.

There are many cleaning services companies in Klang Valley that you can find online, the question is how to find a reliable one?

Simple Guide To Choosing The Best Office Cleaning Company in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Decide on your company’s cleaning requirements 

First on the list is to decide what your requirements are for a service provider. List down on what type of cleaning servicing you want and which areas to clean including the cleaning frequency. 

  • Do your own research

Important things to do is to do your own research about the company and be sure to read the reviews online. Check their credibility and ask for references from your family and friends.

  • Get at least 3 quotations to compare price and services

Before you decide, get at least 3 quotations from your shortlisted cleaning companies. In that way, you can compare their prices and all of their services. This will help you to decide which one is the most affordable for you to choose.

  • Decide on your cleaning budget

Once you have surveyed the market price for office cleaning, you need to decide on your cleaning budget. From the cleaning quotations you received, you can decide which one fits your allocated cleaning budget. 

  • Ask about their cleaning process

Ask about their cleaning process including drying time for furniture and cleaning schedules. 

  • Enquire about cleaning products used 

Ask them what types of cleaning products they will be using on the surfaces for cleaning to ensure none are harmful for health and the environment.

  • Responsive customer service

Kindly ensure that their customer service is responsive, because you will need to liaise with their team in the future.

  • Company background check 

Check the validity of the office cleaning company’s business if the company is registered and has a valid business with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. 

  • Pricing 

Don’t forget to ask them about the cleaning service pricing structure – is it calculated based on hourly, or built up of the office space and the payment terms. Ask about long term special rates for building cleaning contracts. Also, do get a written cleaning service quotation.

You can opt for one off cleaning service first before continuing with a long term contract cleaning service with the company. This is to ensure the quality of cleaning is on par with requirements before you decide to take them on a long term period. You can evaluate their cleaning services before you decide on a long term cleaning solution or you can choose another company too.

Finding the best office cleaning company in Petaling Jaya or Setia Alam can be hard but if you’re following the guide given, it will be much easier for you to choose. We are proud to say that we are one of the best office cleaning companies you can find in Kepong, Cyberjaya and Kajang. 

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