Top 6 House Cleaning Tips by Our Expert Cleaners

Read more on the top 6 house cleaning tips by our expert cleaners in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor:

1 – Break into small cleaning task

Cleaning can be daunting. It feels like the white elephant in the room where everyone, not just you, are avoiding every day. The best way to move something as big as a white elephant in the room is to make it smaller. 

Pro tip: Break down cleaning task into smaller tasks during the week or perhaps in a month. Instead of having one full day cleaning the entire house, perhaps break into 3 times a week. One day for vacuum and mop, one day for dusting, and one day for cleaning and put away junk.

2 – Few pairs of hands are better than a pair.

Maybe you alone take a full day for cleaning what you set out to do. Imagine when there are two of you to divide the workload. Now, imagine, that there are three of you, the cleaning job is done in no time. 

Pro tip: Get your family members involved! Get your husband, wife and kids to work on the house cleaning chores. Think of it as character building for your kids and family bonding time. Cleaning is not one person’s responsibility but everyone who live under the same roof.

3 – Go green for better health 

Home is a space you spend most of your time. It is always a good practice to use eco-friendly cleaning product that doesn’t compromise your family’s health especially if you have babies and young children around. There are tons of easy homemade products you can do, and eco-friendly products are easily available in department stores.

Pro tip: Mix some vinegar, baking soda and warm water. Viola! If you want it to smell good, add some essential oils.

 4 – Say “No” to dust

Dust is the worst. This tiny sneaky troublemaker causes much health issue for young and old, especially for your loved one who suffer from dust allergens.  

Pro tip: Dust surfaces often. There are the simplest and most effective ways. Dusts are everywhere but what you can do it is not let it accumulate in one spot. 

5 – Get yourself a vacuum cleaning machine 

You will thank me for this. It is way better than sweeping the floor. When you are sweeping the floor, the dirt and dust are flying everywhere in the air that might be a bad idea if you or your family have dust allergens. Sweeping does make the air become worse. With today’s amazing technology advancement, we have vacuum cleaning machine that is so efficient that suck all the dust in seconds and easily dispose of it. Give it a try.

6 – Clean window with ease

House with windows is stunning. Furthermore, natural sunlight come into your home makes it so fresh and warm. But cleaning windows is a pain, I feel you. 

Pro tip: Mix a tablespoon of cornstarch with one liter of water.  Use this solution to clean the window and use dry towel after that. It does do magic.  

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