Tips When Hiring Weekly Housekeeping Services in Kuala Lumpur

Our company mainly provides weekly housekeeping service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for tenants and owners. Are you looking for housekeeping services that are affordable and reliable? If yes, then we have a few tips for you to look out for while deciding which housekeeping service to hire.

The most important aspect of hiring a housekeeping service is the reliability of the service. You wouldn’t want the maids to steal your valuables and run away right? That is exactly why we recommend you get a referral from friends and family that have tried the cleaning service of that particular company. I believe that you trust your friend’s feedback more than a stranger’s online review, so if your friend or family is satisfied with the service, there is a high chance of you being happy with it too!

The second thing you should definitely look out for is the experience of the cleaners of the company which provides the housekeeping service. This is because some companies tend to use part-time cleaners which are not reliable to save their operation cost. Some of the part-time cleaners are not committed to their work, so they don’t work professionally which may damage some of the owners’ assets such as breaking the vase.

If you are thinking of having a housekeeping service, you should definitely inquire about the cleaning supplies. Some of the companies require clients to provide their own cleaning supplies such as mop, floor cleaner, etc. and some companies may not. If the companies don’t need the clients to prepare cleaning supplies, be aware to check if they have charged the client cost of the cleaning supplies used to clean their home. 

You may want to inquire about the area of coverage of your housekeeping service before deciding on having them clean your home. We believe that you wouldn’t want the maids to inform you that they don’t do bathroom cleaning when she is already halfway through providing the housekeeping service to your home. That is why a company that has a wide coverage of cleaning areas including fan cleaning and window cleaning tends to attract more customers because they allow their clients to customize the service provided to them. 

Not to mention that a company with additional service offerings is better if you want to have a long-term housekeeping service. You would want a flexible housekeeping service company just in case you have other needs such as annual deep cleaning or more. Be sure to confirm the cleaning task included in the package that you have chosen before deciding on it.

Why hire our house cleaning services?

  • Experienced cleaners who are trained by our company to work professionally towards cleaning our customers’ homes.
  • We have the option to provide green cleaning supplies which are environmentally friendly to our customers upon request.
  • We also provide other cleaning other than regular weekly home cleaning services i.e. spring cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, and more.

Look, if you are interested in trying out our weekly cleaning service, you won’t know if it’s suitable for your household or not unless you try it. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll see how we can help you in getting your home clean today.